A Real Wildcard

  With the MLB regular season complete, it's time to make some predictions and reflect on what might have or should have been. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs are disproving the notion that a second wildcard would merely dilute the playoff picture. With 98 and 97 wins respectively, it would have been a crime [...]

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Off to see the Wizard

    Reportedly, Miami Dolphins management reached out to the Wizard of Oz after getting annihilated by Buffalo. But unfortunately, no hearts were available. The Wizard said, if you go kill Joe Philbin, the horrible coach of the South, I can then talk about giving your team a heart. The hot pre-season Superbowl pick Baltimore [...]

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E"Rex"tile Dysfunction

  It’s good to be back. Sorry for the long lay-off between blogs. Let me start by congratulating Rex Ryan and his stout defense for holding the Patriots to 40 points today. Outstanding work. Ryan had two choices this week when getting his team prepared for the Patriots. Choice #1 was to talk trash and [...]

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Big Bad Bruins Management

I made my feelings clear in my June 1st blog regarding the direction of the Bruins and the hiring of Don Sweeney. However, in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have anticipated the complete bungling of the organization after the two trades were made this week and the approach to the NHL draft. As for the [...]

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A Royal Flush

Kudos to MLB for once again successfully proving that the all-star ballot selection process is about as antiquated and inefficient as the electoral college system. Looking forward to seeing George Brett man third base, Bret Saberhagen start and Dan Quisenberry close out the all-star game. Maybe Whitey Herzog and the late Dick Howser can co-manage [...]

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The King was no Warrior

In light of LeBron James losing his fourth NBA championship, I thought it would be appropriate to address the ongoing debate of Michael Jordan versus King James once and for all. This debate is reminiscent of the same one with Wilt Chamberlain versus Bill Russell. They both made 13 playoff appearances but Russell was 11-0 in [...]

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Anyone for a participation trophy?

I remember when I was a kid and my father would take me to games at the Old Boston Garden and I would look up in the rafters and wonder why the Bruins had so many banners hanging? Had the Bruins won more championships than the Celtics? My father explained to me that the Bruins [...]

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Frauds: Colts and Sox

I am launching an investigation into the Indianapolis Colts franchise for fraudulent behavior. I begin my case by pointing to the 2004 playoff game when Ty Law snared three interceptions en route to a 24-14 win over the Colts. Colts GM Bill Polian “The Ultimate CryBaby” threw a hissy fit in the press box after [...]

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Will Stephen Curry have the Golden Touch?

If someone had told me during the NBA’s heyday in the 1980’s that Cleveland and Golden State would be meeting in the NBA Finals at any time ever I would have had a good chuckle. In 1985, Sleepy Floyd and Joe Barry Carroll (AKA Joe Barely Cares) were anchoring a 33-49 Golden State team that [...]

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Final Deflategate thoughts!

Because we are all ultimately sick of hearing about Deflategate, I will respond to the top 10 myths and opinions from this abominable episode for the NFL, for the Patriots and for Tom Brady. 10. Everybody does it so it's okay! See the following quotes below from Jeff Blake, Brad Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Leinart, Rich Gannon, Boomer [...]

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