The Hangover

  There has been a longstanding perception that teams who win championships won’t have the same drive or passion to win the next season and they will be afflicted with the dreaded hangover. The current NBA champion Golden State Warriors and Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have dispelled that theory this year with their [...]

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Price Fixing

Come on down David Price, you are the next ace up for the Boston Red Sox. After the Red Sox whiffed or “Larry Lucchinoed” on the Jon Lester contract negotiations, they had no choice to correct their mistake. The fix cost them a seventh year and anywhere from 47 to 62 million depending on how [...]

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"Isn't It Silly to Not Win in Philly"

  Musical Chairs Troubling times for Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach LeBron James. Since James wears so many hats, he forgot to tell his subordinates (I mean the alleged coaching staff) that he was subbing himself out of the game in their victory over the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland was assessed a technical because they only had [...]

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Jonesing for a Change!

  Maybe this blog is starting to have some real influence in the sports world. I called for Joe Philbin’s firing in repeated blogs leading up to it happening. Then I mentioned two weeks ago that I didn’t know how Kevin McHale kept his job and mentioned again on Facebook two days ago that he [...]

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It's All About Beantown

  This blog is dedicated to the current state of all four Boston teams. Boston Celtics: Once upon a time, the Celtics engineered a strategy built around “The Big 3”. Danny Ainge had the foresight and ability to pull off trades to acquire all-stars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to combine with Paul Pierce which [...]

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"I'm mad as the NFL and I'm not going to take this anymore"

  Don Shula couldn’t have helped Miami this past Thursday as they once again looked unprepared and overmatched against an opponent. A Dolphin turnaround was a bit premature seeing that they blew out Houston and Tennessee. In the next four weeks Miami has three tough road games in Buffalo, Philly and the Jets sandwiched around [...]

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"It gets through Murphy, Zobrist scores and the Mets lose it."

  Oh those Amazin' Mets. After sweeping the upstart Chicago Cubs, the Mets frittered away countless opportunities against K.C. The blog title would have been Vin Scully's call of the play. Who would have thought Murphy’s Law and karma would have been the undoing of this team? Thirty years after the Mets benefited from Bill [...]

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Don't try this at home!

  The Patriots winning was nice, but on a more important note, I am relieved to hear that Lamar Odom is improving after that “brothel scare.” Never thought I would utter that phrase. Not sure which is more shocking: 1. He was spending multiple days at a brothel? 2. The amount of herbal Viagra he [...]

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Eight isn't even enough

  What in the name of Don Mattingly is going on with the perennially underachieving playoff performing L.A. Dodgers. In his fifth season, Mattingly continues to underwhelm with a 7-10 record in the postseason and seems befuddled with strategy, lineup management and pitching changes. Now he benches Chase Utley in Game 2 despite Utley appealing [...]

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The Price is Right

  I have always admired soon-to-be free-agent David Price’s talent but now have huge admiration for his past and assumed present judgment. Price was quoted in a 2013 article saying there would be teams he wouldn’t sign with because of what he perceived as some unreasonable team rules including the Yankees policy which forbids their players [...]

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