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Cheaters Never Prosper

Before I get into this week’s blog, I wanted to introduce a new section that will close each blog called “Sports Cheater of the Week”. I want to start out by defending Joe Montana. It is just downright unfair all the grief he is getting for having inflated stats thanks to his main man Jerry [...]

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Superbowl Predictions

Ok so here we go. Here are the things I predict, I wish and my final thoughts on Superbowl XLIX (that’s 49 to you). In-Game predictions/things discussed: Cris Collinsworth overstates the obvious at least five times during the game. Steve Largent is mentioned (only because he still might be the Seahawks best receiver) We hear [...]

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Thoughts on the Morning of Superbowl Sunday

So when will Richard Sherman’s wife go into labor and where will Sherman be when he does? “The Legion of Womb” is anxious this morning. This topic of course brings back the story from last April when New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy opted to take three days off and missed the first two games [...]

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Reflecting on 2014

With Christmas upon us that typically means great NBA matchups so I thought I would take a brief look back at some memorable ones. Please understand that I am in a compassionate mood knowing how badly the Knicks have fallen and wanted to give my NY friends some fond memories. We all remember in 1947 [...]

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2015 Starts off With a Bang

We are only three days from the AFC and NFC Championship games and the most knowledgeable football analyst in the NFL (Ray Lewis of course) decided to chime in with an opinion on Tom Brady on behalf of the bitter and thug represented Baltimore Ravens or as I like to call them “Raiders East” or [...]

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Pre Pro Bowl

Wow what a quiet week in sports. Seems like there is nothing going on. So deflating. The worst part is the Pro Bowl isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. This might be the most befuddling event of the four major sports. For the tremendous success the NFL has had and the amount of money  [...]

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A look at the players disciplined by the league

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Young spikes a pass forward for Anderson's dunk

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Red Foxes receiver Reggie Clarkson wants to restructure contract

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