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Venturing into the Unknown

You never know how much you miss something until it goes away. With all this isolation from human contact it made me reflect on what I miss most in the world of sports. I miss: NFL Redzone and waiting for the inevitable update about a Jameis Winston interception. Napkin coaching resignations that say I resign [...]

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Comparatively Speaking

It’s that time of year where I revive the On The Mark sports blog with some closing thoughts as we get ready for 2020. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are preparing for their 11th straight year in the playoffs and 16 of 17 overall with the outlier being when they went 11-5 after [...]

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Time to Unretire Some Numbers

Was listening to the radio and heard longtime Celtics announcer Mike Gorman voice a strong opinion that Kevin Garnett shouldn’t have his number retired and it didn’t fit “his criteria”. I almost drove off the road. Garnett represented in my mind the perfect basketball player. He was about as much of an all-around player, leader [...]

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Pretenders and Contenders

What is going on with the alleged championship-caliber Boston Celtics? Last week we witnessed, a supposed eye opener when they got blown out by the significantly new and improved Cleveland Cavaliers? Boston allowed 250 points in the last two games including a home blowout to the Clippers and lost three in a row overall including [...]

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Thames isn’t just a river in England

Can someone explain to me why the Patriots should jump at the chance to trade Jimmy Garoppolo if the compensation is just one first round pick? When you evaluate the lopsided trades that were made yesterday during the NFL draft for QB’s that haven’t played a down or haven’t been in a successful, winning system like [...]

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Sports Goats

Sports Goats Good to be back after grazing in the land of goats. Watched the second half of the Super Bowl again last weekend to process how everything truly unfolded. What I discovered was that one of the top announcing teams in the NFL; Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, were downright awful, didn’t [...]

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Saving Public Ryans

It was all going to be different this time. Despite a 34-46 record over the previous five seasons, Rex Ryan brought his best friend and brother Rob to Buffalo to help the egregiously underachieving Bills defense turn it around in 2016. The Bills responded by giving up 50 points in the first two games and [...]

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Is there anything better in sports than rivalries?

The city of Boston is arguably part of the three greatest rivalries in professional sports, although all three have been lopsided in different ways. The Bruins-Montreal Canadiens, Red Sox-New York Yankees and Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers are commonly identified as the greatest rivalry in their respective sport.  Since 1928, the Bruins and Canadiens have played more [...]

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We’re on to 2016

My own version of New Year's resolutions: "You play to win the game" Herm Edwards I no longer will believe Bill Belichick when he says December games are important and that how you finish the regular season is a portent for playoff success. He taught me this year that it is okay as a [...]

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Send in the Clowns

Remember when Jerry Seinfeld uttered those famous words "Not that there's anything wrong with that"? I guess Rajon Rondo missed that episode. In case you missed it, Rondo was ejected against the Boston Celtics last week after he went on a profanity-laced slur-filled tirade to NBA referee Bill Kennedy regarding Kennedy's sexuality. Kennedy hadn't yet come out, but former [...]

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